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Mariett Monfort creations are the result of a contemplative pursuit. Her work represents an ensemble of ideas, thoughts and sensations through which she creates intimate abstract landscapes that are constructed by organic shapes and vibrant colors.
Mariett Monfort paintings are intuitive works with layered biotic shapes representing an internal dialogue radiating intimacy, harmony and hope. As Mariano Del Rosario (professor at the Art League NY) expressed, her work merges the experimental with the exploratory creating a journey to her inner cosmos. Her process of creation is long and thoughtful but filled with the spontaneity of constant motion as her brushwork gets carried away by the rhythm of music. She meditates on the canvas until her artwork represents a mindful state.
Each artwork represents a particular universe filled with its own characteristics. Yet, they all share certain attributes unique to the artist. The eyes represent the combination of the magical essence and intense scrutiny that a gaze can arouse in someone. The words, written or sewn on the work, are meant to be sealed on the canvas as they are part of her exploratory process and of the audience´s own interpretation. The presence of amoebas, an organic and dynamic shape, aim to reconcile chaos with balance. Each artwork reflects a unique universe based on the artist’s subconscious at the moment of conception, yet Mariett’s goal is to start a discourse with the audience, in which the viewer can use the artwork to reach a meditative mindset.
Mariett Monfort (Spanish, b. 1983) is a multidisciplinary artist. Her artistic career started in Mexico as a photographer, then progressively she transitioned into painting, a medium she has focused since 2016. She has shown her work in both solo and group exhibitions in major art hubs such as in Italy, Mexico, Spain and the United States.