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Influenced by the conjunction of Magical Realism, a Latin American movement that transforms imagination into both a weapon and a defence mechanism, and her extensive architectural and set design background, Camila has created an earthly paradise that inspires the name of the exhibition: Heaven is a Place on Earth. The title of the show is meant to trigger a reflection regarding the veracity of the statement. If true, the first instinct of a wondering mind is imagining what heaven would be like. Camila Varon shares her vision with a distinguished lens. Her unique and personal perspective has been nurtured by the nostalgia of an innocent and playful childhood imbricated with events that had a crucial impact on her life. The show consists of an art studio which has been morphed into a harmonious space representing the intersection between fantasy and reality, a representation of Camila’s creative process which transforms and embellishes her surroundings. Devising this earthly heaven comes from the mindful discipline of maintaining a positive and joyful state of mind.

Camila’s new body of work is an invitation to discover a balanced, cheerful, and peaceful parallel universe drawn by the collaboration of design and space. The show’s experience has been devised as an immersive escapade, also known as an “ascension to heaven”. When imagining heaven, she envisions a space that functions as a mantra of positivity heightened by beauty and comfort. The exhibit challenges the viewer with colours, lights and shapes to recreate the aspect of the artist’s life which can not be transformed. They signify states of total relaxation and meditation in the midst of discomfort.

The beginning of the exhibit greets the viewer with seven works on paper located at the entryportral across from different options of passageway to Camila’s heaven and crossroads between materiality and illusion. These diptychs are characterized by their symmetricity and surrealist appearance. They organically complement each other due to their colour, shape, and magical feeling. Later on, after passing through a handcrafted tunnel, we enter the main showroom, her heaven. Displayed are five large canvases following an organized pattern of size, colour, and subject. The series depicts organic shaped unique interior designs in which a specific bright and pleasant colour predominates as a result of her mind. The shaped backgrounds are irregular and imperfect but follow an interior path light creating an illusion of balance and tranquillity. The presence of flora, green plants and flowers, scattered all over the canvas create an abundant natural and intimate space. Close by, a little reminder to our daily lives, are utilitarian objects such as a lamp, a door, a chair, or a glass,

placed in the scene. Those objects allow us to live and find comfort no matter where we are. So, who knows, these might be useful in heaven.

Camila Varon (b. 1994, Bogotá, Colombia); lives and works in New York. She moved to New York in 2013 to study Architecture at Parsons School of Design. Since then, she worked on a wide range of projects related to design and architecture and fine arts. Currently, she is enrolled in her MFA at School of Visual Arts in NY.

Her body of work is characterized by bright and dreamlike scenarios alongside site specific installations and small objects examining the relationship between architecture, design and art. It is a reflection on the importance of creating a world of our own, thus modifying the world around us.

The pop-up is located at 31 Howard Street. Opening Thursday 18th November at 6h30pm. For further information please contact Andrea Torriglia, curator and organizer of the show, at +1 929 334 9219.